Submit music video link

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Submit music video link

Read Instructions. Subscribe — Sign Up. Please wait seconds to be redirected after pressing the submit video button. The thumbnail image is one of the most important factors for creating a video that will get lots of exposure and clicks. It is the first point of contact with viewers, so try to use an amazing image that invokes curiosity and encourages the viewer to read the title and click on the video. Covering the thumbnail with other images and text overlay is not a good practice and even tho many video creators do it, it actually hurts the videos ranking.

You can use copyright free images from Google Images to make amazing thumbnails. If your video submission is high quality we may give it a special social networking boost and for Search Engine OptimisationIf the above steps were not followed when submitting videos, we may remove your submission. Why submit your video links with our free user submission form?

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Which can give your videos a new life and a second layer to promote. Simply fill in the form with your name, your website URL Backlink a unique keyword rich video title and your video link then press submit. For the best result, enter a unique and descriptive video title of 5 to 10 keywords and share your video with the share buttons to gain more video views and subscribers. Optionally you can also add a backlink to your website, channel or a social network profile to improve findability, SEO and search queries used to find your video in search engines.

The video you submit will be automatically converted to a Google Accelerated Mobile Pages AMP for super fast loading on social networks and mobile phone, tablet and desktop web browsers. Converting a video to AMP also helps it to rank better in the mobile search engine results. Check out the AMP Website.

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Bonus Video Ranking Tips: Search engines and especially Social networks often give lower rankings and less exposure for thumbnail images with to much text overlay. The more amazing your thumbnail is the more clicks you will receive. Keep making your videos, titles and thumbnail images higher quality. Link to your videos from high ranked websites to increase backlink profile, which boosts search engine rankings.

Thanks for taking the time to read the information on this page. They also constantly change their platform, making it hard to stay up to date. See the example image below the submit form to learn more. Thumbnail: Low quality thumbnail. To much text or image overlay. Duplicate thumbnails.

submit music video link

See the image above for examples of how to make high quality thumbnails. Thumbnail includes images that are not family friendly. Video: Low quality video. Video not in English. Not family friendly.Every week, with enough views and votes your video could trend on our weekly video charts!

Some of the top artists and visuals, handpicked by our editors, may even be featured on our blog in a spotlighted article or an interview. Submit Music Video! We will be catching up and making as many valid submitted music videos live online as possible, along with some other big changes, in the very near future!

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First established inwe are a global platform that exists to discover, showcase, and support up-and-coming artists -- submit your music video and we will add it to our index for free! Submit your finished, polished, and original music videos no cover songs, lyric videos, or trailersvia the form on this page to have it included with other submissions on for free promotion and exposure.

We love supporting musicians, and our goal is to provide an outlet for your art to reach the world. Once we add your submission, share the link with your supporters! The more fans who watch and share your music video, the higher it will trend on our weekly top video charts! Already a member? Sign-in here. Discover new artists! Save your favorite music! Build your personal playlist! I agree to the Terms of Serviceincluding receiving occasional emails from. Submit a Music Video!

Top Music Chart.

submit music video link

All new music videos. Artist Name. Video Title e. Artist 2, Artist 3. Youtube Video Link. Twitter Username s Optional, who should we shout out? Artist, Label, Director?NOTE: We do not upload your music on our platforms, we only share songs using the link s you avail to us.

Like Like. Take a listen and give me your thoughts! Hae,am darbouy, nmesubmit my video just get listen and watch the bongo style hit …and I hope u will enjoy it,thanks very much.

We will share it on our blog. I first want to say i appreciate you guys, because for the variety of music. I checked out the african artist Efya and I watched like 4 of her videos already. Much respect for not trying to keep up with the mainstream. Like Liked by 1 person. Would be extremely grateful if you posting it on your blog.

Thank you in advance! What if I dont have a video but have a soundcloud link. Can I put that on? And how many days do you take to review the music.? Hey guys. I was thinking…I dont have a video but I have a soundcloud link. Can I still put that on? The EP was released on February 22, and I just recently released a music video if you are interested. Submitted a Music video for review. Check it out…. You are commenting using your WordPress.

You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Artist Name required. Link to audio or video required. Description required. Content Ownership required Mine.

Main Email Address required.

submit music video link

Like this: Like LoadingDid you film a great video? If so, you've come to the right place!

Submit YouTube Video Links

If you submitted your video to other companies before submitting your media to ViralHog it may affect our ability to represent and promote your media. Have you submitted this media or given premission for use to any other company? Please indicate if you have submitted or given premission to use your video to any of these companies:. The modern cameraman no longer rides in a white new van. Most people carry a video capable device in their pocket everywhere they go, and we are rapidly moving into the era of crowd sourced news and entertainment.

It's time to unlock the profit potential of your video library and ViralHog is here to help. If you have an entertaining or news worthy video, submit it to ViralHog and we'll monetize your content with news networks, television programs, and websites across the globe.

We'll even make sure all those copycats out there don't steal credit for your work. Contact us for more information at: licensing viralhog. Viralhog brings content holders and the market of purchasers together so that video creators can be compensated for the licensing of their videos, and so industry professionals have a simple process for accessing the videos they need for programming.

Subject to our Terms of Service, videos uploaded to Viralhog are made available for licensing by industry professionals and in return content holders can be compensated for their videos. It is our goal to help owners of videos get compensated and for industry professionals to get the videos they need for their programming in an efficient and affordable manner. The site and any Content available for licensing via the site or from Viralhog are intended to be accessed and utilized by customers and registered users of Viralhog.

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submit music video link

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By using this site, you hereby agree to these terms of service.What's wrong with that?

Submit Music Video Links Free

Well, anyone can fill out a form online, the problem is that networks rarely get through all of their online submissions. They only trust submissions from verified avenues and companies like Parkbench Real responses and feedback from most networks.

Submit your music video networks in the U. Please submit a link to your music video below. It can be either live or private, released or unreleased. We promise to honor confidentiality and will not share anything with outside parties prior to your approval. Once we receive your music video, we will be in touch to discuss and present you with options for sending your music to network programmers with us. Note: If your newest music video hasn't been completed and you are inquiring, please link the single or a recent sample of your music.

Get Started. Multi-National submissions. If your video is approved, you will be contacted to discuss options for submitting to networks. Costs associated with Video Submissions depend on genre and destinations. Apply for Music Video Submissions.If your video is approved, please provide us with a clean version without any credit-texts or logos inlayed. Each ISRC is a unique and permanent identifier for a specific recording, independent of the format on which it appears CD, audio file, etc.

The information that we ask for in the contract is the one that appears in the black bar at the beginning and the end of each clip. You can choose to indicate your true identity or your alias name. Your video clip will be submitted to the viewing committee who will decide whether or not it will be broadcast. How long does it take for my submission to be reviewed? Corporate Affiliates Advertising Submit a video. All rights reserved. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached, or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Trace.

If you continue your navigation on this website, we assume that you agree the use of cookies allowing you to share content on social media, for us to display advertisement that fits with your interests, and to mesure the audience.

Video Submission

Ok Read more.SubmitHub was founded in late as a way to make the process of sending music to curators as easy and transparent as possible. We give you all sorts of statistics and ways to filter who to send your music to so you can make sure your song ends up in the right hands. For curators, this means getting sent more music you'll actually like. The process works well: more thansongs have been shared to date.

But the competition is stiff, and even the most-successful artists can't please everyone. Music is subjective, and no two curators hear a song the same way.

As such, SubmitHub is best used by individuals who have realistic expecations about what success in the music industry looks like in Music bloggers and playlisters have a lot of influence in the music industry.

Major Labels and the editors at Spotify and Apple Music look to them for early tip-offs about the best new songs to feature, so picking up a few solid placements could mean the difference between getting plays on your new song, or gettingplays.

If you love to discover music but feel overwhelmed by the number of submissions you receive, SubmitHub is probably the right tool for you. We let you choose your genres, release-date preferences, song formats, and a whole lot more.

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Submissions are neatly organized, with plenty of supporting information accompanying each one so that you can make informed decisions about what you want to feature, and what might not work. The blogs, outlets and channels who consistently support me are why I keep coming back. We started on blogs and they did a great service for us, so we feel it's important to keep ourselves and our music grounded in them. We've built relationships with a lot of these sites since day one so we love staying in touch!

Before we would send 2, emails to each blog trying to stand out but you guys changed it dramatically. I've always loved receiving new music, but waking up to a cluttered inbox was never my favorite part.

I would get tons of submissions that weren't stylistically relevant to my site — I don't yearn for those days. With SubmitHub, I get the genres I want, bundled up in a fluid interface. And that makes music discovery fun again. Submithub changed the game in terms of getting press on your own. When I started putting music out in the process of finding emails was tedious and time-consuming. Now it's way easier.

I still use some traditional methods to promote my music, but SubmitHub is way more effective for reaching a lot of blogs in one go. Getting permission to host each song was never easy, until SubmitHub came along. This platform has made the copyright sign-off process effortless, which means I can focus on finding music.

We used SubmitHub for our very first release back inand while we've worked with a PR firm since then, we keep coming back. Nothing excites us more than seeing our name in the SubmitHub charts. It's crazy to say, but without the support we've gotten here, and the connections we've made, we wouldn't be able to pay our rent.

When I started releasing new music, I contacted anyone and everyone I could.

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One YouTube channel uploaded my song and it has now got nearlyplays. They have a guy there who is in charge of music for its shows. Apparently he reads one of the blogs that approved my music. It was definitely one of those experiences that made my decision to get into music seem worth it. This is the first time I've worked with a label.


Before, I couldn't afford to release music on my own. When the label and I started working together I was surprised at how fast everything just kind of happened.

From talking on the phone for the first time to seeing my single on Spotify getting streams all around the globe! I hadn't heard of SubmitHub and was initially reluctant to join, but as soon as I started using it I realized what a great tool it was for artists, labels and curators. We used to find our music via MySpace, but quickly became overwhelmed by email submissions.


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